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Start your day the right way with a sip of steaming hot or ice cold coffee that's sure to awaken your senses and ignite your productivity.

Ice cream

Who needs love when you can have a tub of ice cream all to yourself? Treat yo' self and indulge in a little bit of happiness in every scoop.



Why settle for a boring lunch when you can sink your teeth into a mouthwatering deli sandwich


Life is too short to drink bad beer. Grab a cold one and savor the flavor of every refreshing sip.


Bruce & Ollie's Menu

Bruce & Ollie's, located inside The Bickerman Building in Utica, Illinois, is proud to serve:

  • Capannari's ice cream

  • Starved Rock coffee blends

  • August Hill wine

  • Craft beers

  • Craft sodas

  • Deli sandwiches

  • Salads

  • Dog treats made from scratch

Utica Cafe & Deli with Local flare

Welcome to Bruce & Ollie's Cafe, a family-owned gem nestled inside The Bickerman Building in Utica, Illinois. We take pride in serving a delightful array of offerings, including Capannari's ice cream, Starved Rock coffee blends, August Hill wine, craft beers, and more. Our menu boasts delicious grab-and-go breakfast options, mouthwatering deli sandwiches, and a variety of soups, salads, and hot or cold sandwiches. Whether you're exploring downtown Utica, hiking in Starved Rock State Park, or simply meeting friends, Bruce & Ollie's is the go-to spot for a cozy atmosphere indoors or on our patio.


History tells the tale of our establishment, inspired by our two adorable pups, Bruce and Ollie. We'd love to see your furry friend at the pickup window where you can order our made-from-scratch dog treats. The Cetwinski Family, Matt, Jen, Olivia, Riley, Bruce, and Ollie, welcomes you to the historic Bickerman Building. They've built a successful residential construction company and are passionate about providing locally sourced products. Bruce & Ollie's is not just a cafe or deli; it's an experience crafted with love, warmth, and a commitment to local excellence.


Bruce & Ollie's Cafe offers a diverse and delectable menu catering to various tastes and preferences. For breakfast, indulge in our Breakfast Casserole, Breakfast Sandwich (Bacon or Ham with Egg and Cheese), Large Muffins (Flavors Vary), and Cinnamon Rolls. Our salads are a delightful blend of freshness, featuring options like the Chef Salad with ham, turkey, swiss, cheddar, tomatoes, and cucumbers, or the Flower Pot Salad with turkey, mixed fruit, and Poppyseed dressing.


Explore seasonal soups with daily variations, and complement your meal with an array of sides, from Potato Chips to a customizable Charcuterie Board filled with fruits, cheese, meats, nuts, veggies, and crackers. The sandwich selection is extensive, offering hot options like the Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar on an 8” sub roll, or cold choices like the refreshing Cucumber Sandwich on sprouted grain bread with cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce.


Don't miss our Picnic Pack, a perfect combination of a croissant sandwich, side salad, and fresh fruit with various choices. Indulge your sweet tooth with Capannari Ice Cream in Kiddie, Single, or Double scoop sizes, served in cake, sugar, or waffle cones. Elevate your experience with sundaes, floats, and other sweet treats like Cookies and Brookies.


For coffee lovers, our menu features a wide range of Traditional Espresso Drinks, Espresso Favorites, and Featured Sweet Drinks in small, medium, and large sizes. Try our Batched Coffee in hot or iced variations, with options to customize with flavored syrups, extra shots, or alternative milk choices like oat or almond milk.


Tea enthusiasts can enjoy Loose Leaf Tea in Black, Green, or Herbal options, along with Chai and Matcha variations. Boba Lemonade is a popular choice as well as craft beers — all carefully selected from nearby suppliers.


Utica and Starved Rock offer picturesque settings, and Bruce and Ollie's is the ideal spot to relax and savor the surroundings. Come experience the family-owned charm today!

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